interwoven shadow (2017)

Commissioned as part of New Jersey Performing Arts Center's Jersey (New) Moves Fellowship, Burke created this work with a "sophisticated handling of the dance’s energy, giving the movement a dynamic impulse that slowed but never came to a full stop, instead quickening again and rising into an overhead lift, or capturing these partners in a spinning vortex."- Robert Johnson,

Choreography by Robert Mark Burke

Music by Arvo Part

Costumes by Meagan Woods

Danced by Monica Gonzalez and Jared McAboy

Q U A K E (2017

Q U A K E (2017

Created as half of "The Disruption Project", a collaboration with Lauren Connolly.   "The Disruption Project” brings two highly physical yet distinctly different works to life by asking questions about disorder, uncertainty and change. QUAKE –featuring an original score by Ben Frost – sends four dancers spiraling through space, racing to fill the growing void as the world collapses around them. “QUAKE explores loss, emptiness, and a want for more,” said Burke. “When we have nothing in our control, what can we control?” QUAKE was made possible, in part, from the Eryc Taylor Dance/ New Choreography Grant.


Q U A K E (2017)

Choreography by Robert Mark Burke

Music by Ben Frost

Costume Design by Meagan Woods

sheath (2015)

A duet, set to a score by Max Richter, that "breathes lyrical inspiration" as two dancers work through a physical and emotional journey of push and pull until they once again find each other.

The Dance Break (2015)

The Dance Break (2015)

Set to the music of The Manhattan Transfers,  The Dance Break finds itself "alive with the rambunctious energy of a sock-hop, this dance pauses to tell stories of adolescent heartbreak."  Created in 2015 as part of Dance on the Lawns Emerging Choreographer Award.


one crude son (2014)

A solo, danced and choreographed by Robert Mark Burke, takes images from photographer Gregory Crewdson and translates them into a dance and theatrical experience.