"Voices" presented by Project 44

Tuesday March 19; 12pm-2pm at Rioult Dance Center

10 Hairy Legs @ Steps

Friday March 29; 3pm-4:30pm at Steps on Broadway

PC: Tony Turner


Classes offered include Beginner to Professional:

Contemporary Technique: Robert Mark Burke's class begins on the floor and aligns the body from the bottom up.  Using a progression that slowly brings dancers out of the floor, Burke's class warms up the body in an efficient and effective way.  The class then begins to pick up speed leading into a phrase that continues to lengthen the body through deep shifts of weight and a combination of core and distal initiations.

Improvisation and Creative Process:  Starting with an improvisation-based warm-up, Robert leads students through a study that allows them to identify their movement habits and break them by challenging them to push their limits.  After a thorough warm-up of the mind and body, Robert will take dancers through similar processes used to create works in the companies repertory, thus showing dancers the many ways to think about creating work.

Fitness for Dancers: Cross training is crucial for a sustained dance life.  Through learning basic exercises to add to their daily routine, dancers take a look at the human body and how to strengthen and protect it from injury.  Perfect for a group of dancers looking to take their dancing to the next level!